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My helmets are made to order. People called them ‘pudding-like’ and I do not object to it because I like my ‘puddings’. However, if you really Can’t stand freefly colours, I can make your helmet in any colour you choose. Quite boring but the customer is always right. I’ll do everything for my clients. Well… almost everything, but for women surely everything ;-)))

current price list

kask gopro

kask Igora

z1 gopro

Sony CX 155

kask grzes

kask LAWA


Choosing colours for the helmets

The technique of giving colours to my helmets is based on melting in the fiberglass structure an appropriate piece of fabric of any colour or pattern. Therefore you are welcome to send a piece of fabric or a T-shirt (rather elastic) of minimal size 45 45 cm and any colour or pattern you want on your helmet. Pictures below show a T-shirt and a helmet made of it. Helmets made this way are so durable that I can give you a life-long guarantee 🙂

It is possible to make a helmet out of any digital image, of course if it has good quality and resolution. It will be printed in A3 form by laser printer and put on elastic canvas, and then it will be pressed on the helmet 😉 of course this service costs an additional 25 zl


Hellmets appearance



Cutaway helmets

At the request of many people( in some foreign dropzones it is even required) I have made quick release hardware in emergency situations. The picture shows the scheme. It’s my own idea, I haven’t copied it from anyone 🙂
The cutaway handle is made of one piece of thin rope fastened under two locks. After some tests in my secret labs I’ve mounted additional springs which help to separate rivets from the helmet.
Greetings and you’d better not be in a situation to use it. Personally I’d burst into tears if I were to cut away my belongings.
At present we’re working on a remote control.


My helmets in the world…



Dr Wąsiu Making an order

If you want to order my helmet click on dr Wasiu- you’ll find out what measurements I will need in order to fit the helmet properly into your head 🙂

If you have any doubts e-mail me I can read but writing doesn’t come so easy….;-)


Price list:



  parachute helmet   LAWA   110  EUR
 parachute helmet   KAMERMEN    250  EUR
 camera housing   100  EUR
carbon fiber helmet 50  EUR
carbon fiber housing 50  EUR
carrying bag for helmets 20  EUR
carrying bag for helmets 30  EUR
chin cup 30  EUR
cutaway helmets system 30  EUR
ff haft inscription 10  EUR
Moje dane

The helmets are made of epoxide resin 4 layers of fiberglass (density 150) and two additional layers in forehead and neck which are made of one piece of material (not glued to each other and so really durable). The materials have attests and are used in production of artificial limbs.
The colour is given to my helmets by means of melting in a colourful fabric, so if you wish to have a graffiti you should buy a T-shirt made of elastic fabric and that’s what your helmet will look like. Thanks to this technique the layer is versatile unlike in painted helmets.

Wasiu is not responsible for accidents or injuries occurring while using our products. The wearer uses our products at their own risk with full knowledge of the risks involved in their activities. At the moment of purchase the user accepts all risks and responsibility for their own well-being and property.

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