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RW training trolley

Relative Work (RW) creepers

Training carts freefall RW-1 are made of fiberglass about 13 layers of reinforced steel flat bar 0.5 cm and a width of 50 mm, includes three wheels are mounted high, able to mount 4 wheels, two in front and two behind, the entire bottom painted with acrylic paint, it is possible to incorporate graphics as the pictures it is embedded materaiał dyed and painted clear acrylic, foam lined upper surface to the silhouette does not slide

 skydive creeper
Trolley RW (Large Male)                                   XL  210  EUR
Trolley RW (for girls)                                        L  190  EUR
Trolley RW (JUNIOR up to 13 years)                  M
 170 EUR
Trolley RW (children up to 8 years old)              S
 150  EUR
 additional option-higher price
trolley with carbon fibres with aluminium skeleton/construction  250  EUR
 applied graphics ,colours mozaik         60  EUR




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